Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I keep turning my visits to Mom to data collection trips. Somehow the past keeps calling me when I'm in the neighborhood. In one of my trips to Mom, I wanted her to show me our first apartment because when I went to the street I couldn't recognize the building. This place is at Fatih a relatively old neighborhood in Istanbul. I like this place partly because it has changed so little. There is something so delightful about visiting a place and seeing that it hasn't changed a bit. I have to admit though I don't have many memories here as a kid because I was so little when we moved somewhere else. Still it was worth it because visiting the places help me remember and understand better. Since memories, and I think understanding too, are embodied, you can excavate so many interesting things when you're on the site. I think it is especially helpful when you try to remember things that took place a long time ago, in this case 25 years ago. It is interesting that the triggers for my memories are always places and people for me. When I visit a place all the memories attached to that place rush to my mind. Similarly, when I see the photograph of a person from my past, I remember so many memories about that person, which I cannot remember without some kind of external stimulation.

This is the street I was born

Do you see the basket? When I was a kid I would play outside and neighbors would sometimes send me and other kids to buy stuff for them. The money would be in the basket and sometimes they would say keep the change and we would buy sweets. I wouldn't remember this if I didn't visit the place.

A mobile potato/onion seller :-) These are so annoying because they are quite noisy.

This is the building.

Interesting small shops this one is for nuts and spices!

and this one is for butter and other dairy products!

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