Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I grew up with parents who didn't engage in many literacy practices on a daily basis. The only thing I can remember my parents doing related to literacy was them reading daily newspapers. My parents didn't go to college and they didn't have books of their own at home. They bought me many books and made sure I got a good education but I simply cannot remember them reading or writing. This kind of makes me sad because I cannot help but think what it could have been like if I had grown up in an environment rich with literacy practices and people engaged in many literacy practices outside the school environment too. I know that I was fortunate and I shouldn't complain but I think I would have been less lonely and much happier, although I had a happy childhood with lots of books of my own.

I think my Mom used to read and write more. After all my name comes from a fictional character. I wish I could find the book that inspired my Mom to give me the name of the main character but my Mom cannot remember the title, only that it was a romance novel (so fitting ^_^). Anyway, when I was a kid, sometimes I would secretly go to my Mom's bedroom and go over her stuff. Needless to say she would be angry but that wouldn't stop me :-). One day I found some cards and letters that were sent to Mom. I was delighted by the lovely pictures on them, especially the ones with anime like characters, though at the time I didn't know the word anime.

Aren't they lovely? When I got married the cards moved to our new apartment with my husband and me. By that time I had received tens of letters and cards myself. So I guess this was a family tradition but by the time I started writing to family and friends beginning from junior high my Mom had stopped doing that. Anyway, my first literacy practice I can document for the dissertation is the cards I found among my belongings.The only problem is that I don't have the ones written by my Mom and me. I guess it cannot be helped. Below are some examples of the ones I received.

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