Monday, March 4, 2013

Writing my life history/literacy narrative

Today I began working on my narrative for the junior high school period. I'm following the periodization of my participant, that is me :-). So first I did the periods for pre-school and elementary school and now it's time for the junior high school period. I think this narrative is going to take longer, maybe a couple of days, because I have more stuff in my memory box and I remember more about this period. I wish I could share my narratives with you too but they are in Turkish and I really don't have time to translate everything to Turkish. I think I will do the coding on Turkish materials without translating everything. For my memories that took place in Turkey I will write my narratives in Turkish and for my memories in the US I will write them in English. I think this is going to be better for recalling the memories better. However, one problem I encounter now is that, writing in Turkish is a pain in the neck. I haven't used Turkish for writing for a very very long time. Maybe since 2006 I haven't written anything in Turkish other than my shopping lists, or a couple of emails. I wrote nothing that is remotely long. I find writing in Turkish quite tiresome. Also typing using Turkish characters is giving me a hard time too. My laptop has regular English keyboard and typing in Turkish using this keyboard is difficult. We have some weird Turkish characters. The reason I'm writing in Turkish is that a friend of mine in psychology gave me some articles on autobiographical memory and research shows that people remember better when the language of telling is the same as the language of the memory. That is why I decided to use Turkish for my older memories. But it is more difficult than I thought. One reason is that I learned the genre of literacy narrative in English. I only know this genre in English. But anyway all I'm saying is that writing my literacy narrative or life history in Turkish is a little bit more difficult than I anticipated. It's like your first time eating with chopsticks :-). Somewhat awkward and annoying but bearable.  I'm sure it is going to get easier. 

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