Friday, March 1, 2013

On literature review

Yay! I sent my literature review to my adviser, one month later than I had planned. In my defense, a lot happened in my personal life (nothing serious but just annoying and time consuming stuff). Anyway, I kind of lost December because of those reasons and I wrote the literature review in the last two months. The first draft of the lit review is now 55 pages. I'm sure it's going to change considerably.
I really enjoy writing lit reviews. I like reading and I like finding patterns so it was fun. When I wrote course papers I could not include much in the lit rev sections because of space considerations but I could write more freely for the dissertation. I should thank my husband for reading and commenting on my draft and my friends for psychological support. I shall also mention my gratitude to BBC because I kept watching old TV shows to remain sane as I was writing.
Let me explain. As much as I love writing I need lots of distractions between writing sessions. Usually this distraction for me is Animes but this time the solution came from BBC. I had heard a lot about Downton Abbey from my friends but I had never seen it. So I decided to give it a try. I LOVE costume dramas and how British English sounds. Not surprisingly, I loved the show even though I prefer costume dramas that take place earlier. So Downton Abbey was my distraction in January and I made February my Agatha Christie month.
I watched lots of Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot episodes in February. I used to like reading Agatha Christie when I was in junior high. As I was thinking about my literacy narrative, what I was reading and writing when I was a kid, I remembered how much I enjoyed reading her novels and then started watching BBC series based on Christie's novels. I find Miss Marple more loveable than Poirot but who cares they both make your grey cells work. But anyway these two shows were my distractions for the lit review. I should probably find something new for my methodology section. Any suggestions?
Expect more reflections on my lit review soon. I hope to write about the content of the chapter and some comments about the readings too.

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