Thursday, March 14, 2013

Memory Box junior high 2

I thought I was done with my junior high school days for my life history but I found more stuff when I went to see Mom. I kind of feel stupid for not thinking about this before but I found some photos on the Internet too. I did not think there would be anything because my school got closed a long time ago but lucky for me there is a facebook page for the school and people post photos. So I have some good finds, I even found my yearbook this way. Now I have to go back and add some more stuff to my life history.
My sister

I found this at Mom's. My brother

This was my room at the time. I guess I have always been a romantic. But all this tornado of pink cuteness makes me kind of nauseated now :-)

I cannot believe I found this in my memory box. I didn't keep much from this period. This is the only book I kept.

Here is why. This book was a present from my favorite teacher.

I found these two photos on Facebook. As always I'm the shortest :-)

 And the following photos are from my yearbook. This school was a very very special place for me. Maybe because it was a boarding school and I had a lot of memories there or maybe because it had such an amazing Bosphorus view and I like to see beauty around me, aside from West Lafayette (Purdue), this school has been a place that meant a lot to me, a place like home, a place I belonged. It is kind of weird that both places had judas trees. To this day, judas trees have always been a marker of home for me. If one day I settle somewhere I will plant a judas tree if there isn't any around :-). It was such a magical place, I cannot quite describe it. There were very old trees that went through the buildings.  So when you walked through the corridors you would suddenly see a giant tree trunk. It was almost like living on top of Jack's beanstalk or in a giant tree house. For a kid like me it was magical.

The teacher you see here was my favorite teacher, the one who gave me the book, Jane Eyre.

On top of the school building. Needless to say the sea view was breathtaking. It was quite an extraordinary thing to have a terrace like this on top. This reminds me of the schools I see in animes.
I found this at Mom's. The picture was taken at my uncle's house. Do you see the books behind. I wanted to have a library like my uncle. My parents didn't have a library.

I found this photo of my elementary school teacher at Mom's. I think this was first grade.

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