Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Memory box junior high 1

Today I finished writing my literacy narrative/life history for my junior high school days. I went to a private boarding school and thus I spent a lot of time at school. Needless to say it means I have a lot of memories to write up. Unfortunately I do not have much in my memory box from that period. All I have is a couple of very bad photos, my report cards, and athletism certificates, a book, and some postcards. So my memory box was not much help for remembering this period. Unfortunately almost all my diaries, writing, and books from that period is lost. Good that I remember quite a bit. I find it especially helpful to remember different places I have been to and people in my life at the time and then memories come pretty much automatically. It breaks my heart that my school is no more. Because it is closed long time a go I cannot even find a decent photo of the school. 
Anyway, here is a sampler from my memory box.
These are some photos from the tea party we had each semester.

80s fashion sucked big time. How awful I look.

A classmate and our teacher Bılge Sabuncu
 I tried to include my experience both in and out of school. Here is me at a birthday party in summer.

This is me, my sister and my cousin at the party for my brother's circumcision. It was quite a gendered experience where you realize your gender as marked. There was no coming of age party for us girls. I remember my sister and I being somewhat upset because all the presents went to our brother. Well, the bright side is we were not cut or anything :-) And my family had quite some drama and laughs when my baby sister demanded to be circumcised to no avail :-).

 This is another celebration for the same purpose but this time it is for one of our relatives, the boy on the horse. No matter how old I get I still want to ride the horse too, damn it :-P
At another birthday party with friends during summer.

Anyway enough for now. More to come.

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