Monday, March 4, 2013

Memory box* elementary school

Today I finished writing my life history for the elementary school years. I used the questions used by Belcher and Connor in Reflections on Multiliterate Lives. At this stage of the literacy narrative I cannot remember much so I wrote down pretty much everything I can remember (around 1,500 words). After writing my narrative I looked at Belcher and Connor's questions to add anything I missed. These questions given at the end of their book was very helpful. I also used my memory box but I do not have much for that period of my life. I only have a couple of photos and my report cards. Elementary school was five years at the time and English was not one of the mandatory subjects. Things have changed since then. I just remember being very small as you will see below.

I was a handful when I was a kid. You could find me on top of trees. I have a few photos like this.

Here is one of my report cards. All my grades were A. Pekiyi means excellent.

I'm sure you've always wanted to see the back of a Turkish report card from the 80s :-)

I was very small as you can see my height compared to my classmates. I think I have almost always been the shortest in my classes. I think we were reading a poem as a group. And yes we wore black uniforms with white collars
One of the disadvantages of being a good student is they make you do unpleasant things like public speech. Yikes. I still hate it. I know the photo is terrible but the original photo was like this too. Aren't I cute with my ribbons and all :-) I wish I had a photo of my teacher too.
Speaking of ribbons

They used to pin a red ribbon on your uniform like a medal when you learned how to read in grade 1. I wonder if they still do that. Anyway, I finished working on my literacy narrative for the elementary school years. It's quite easy for now since I don't have many memories and items but it is going to be challenging as I approach the present. Wish me luck.

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