Tuesday, March 12, 2013

International Women's day

It was International Women's Day a couple of days ago. I could not write a blog entry because I was away from my computer this weekend. Happy belated international women's day! That's a mouthful :-) Anyway, we gave Mom some flowers and I remembered how grateful I am for all she has done for me. If it wasn't for her invisible labor I would not be here. 

Here is to all the special women in our lives

Even though my Mom is one of the smartest people I know, unfortunately her father didn't let her go to college just because she was a girl. This makes me so angry; she would have been a brilliant student. It is so interesting how our stories are intricately intertwined. I think she was so vehement and supportive of my education because she could not go to college even though she wanted to go very much. Below are some photos of Mom when she was in high school.

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