Thursday, March 14, 2013

Field trip to the past

I have mentioned that last weekend I visited my family. When I was there, I decided to visit my elementary school and the apartment we used to live when I was in elementary school. I thought it would be nice to collect some data there. It was really fun and I felt like a giant. After the visit I remembered more about that period and updated my life history/literacy narrative regarding my elementary school years. I don't think any participant I could find would do all these things for me so there are some advantages to doing autoethnographic work. You can see the photos my husband and my perfect participant took if you follow the link below.
I realize that this project is becoming more a personal project than a dissertation. I'm halfway through life and feel weathered beyond my years, if not broken, at this stage of my life. So maybe I will find a way to heal myself in the process of remembering where I have come from, how far I have traveled and what I have survived. Fingers crossed :-)


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