Thursday, December 13, 2012

Writing selves/writing societies

Writing selves/writing societies: Research from Activity perspectives edited by C. Bazerman and David R. Russell

I have read some chapters from this book like Spinuzzi's and Prior and Shipka's but I have not read the whole book before. As I recently read all the chapters, I appreciated the research designs more. I like the abundance of data, the way the researchers capture dynamism, how I feel like as a complete stranger to these diverse contexts I feel like I understand what is going on there. Although these studies might not be as phenomenological as some qualitative researchers would probably prefer, I like this interesting and hard to describe balance between clarity and richness too. Anyway, these three chapters from the book use Bakhtin to some extent.

A Central Bank's "Communications Strategy": The Interplay of Activity, Discourse Genres, and Technology in a Time of Organizational Change, Graham Smart, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Chronotopic Lamination: Tracing the Contours of Literate Activity, Paul Prior and Jody Shipka, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Legends of the Centre: System, Self, and Linguistic Consciousness, Janet Giltrow, University of British Columbia

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