Thursday, December 13, 2012

On readings

I realized that I haven't been posting much about the sources I read lately. It's not that I stopped reading. On the contrary I think because I'm reading and writing so much that I do not have time to post anything. But since I'm organizing my sources now I think I can post the readings here though I still do not have time to write my reflections on them. Since I'm using a Bakhtinian framework for my dissertation, I'm reading sources on Bakhtin. The primary sources I found most relevant to second language studies are Bakhtin's The Dialogic Imagination and Speech genres and other late essays. I think one decision I have to make is whether I should include the whole Bakhtin Circle or just focus on Bakhtin. This is an important issue especially because the authorship of the Bakhtin Circle publications are not always clear. I feel like including the whole entourage but then think better of it since I feel like I already have more than enough theoretical concepts to deal with. I do not wish to complicate things unnecessarily. Hmm, I think I will stick to Bakhtin for the time being but my decision would be different if I were doing a SLA dissertation.  What do you think?

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