Thursday, December 13, 2012

On Bakhtin and reading

I'm quite new to second language reading since my focus has been mostly second language acquisition and second language writing so far. I appreciate if you can point me in the right direction if you know any good qualitative studies on reading related to identity and reading writing interaction.
Anyway, here is an article on reading that uses Bakhtin as a theoretical framework.

The Application of Bakhtinian Theories on Second Language Reading Comprehension: A Qualitative Case Study

Yin Lam Lee
Ohio State University

Due to the dominance of behaviorism, applied linguistics, and cognitive psychology since 1960s, many research studies in reading focused on the accuracy and speed required for successful comprehension. There exists a research gap in understanding the individual differences among readers when reading the same text. This study aimed at investigating the active construction of meanings by comparing two participants' reader responses. Each of the two participants in this study referred to their personal history, educational background, and professional knowledge in their quest for meaning. The results show that they were not passively decoding the text, but actively constructing meaning during the reading process. With the application of Bakhtinian theories, the analysis shows that second language reading comprehension should be redefined as dialogic and dialectic processes between the reader, the text, and the imagined author.

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