Saturday, December 15, 2012

Naturally Obsessed

This video, Naturally obsessed: The making of a scientist, provides an illuminating glimpse at the lives of graduate students. It is heartbreaking, inspiring, true, and beautiful all at the same time. After all, beauty is truth, truth beauty (Keats). I'm hoping that my dissertation will be true and beautiful too since it is about a PhD student too, but perhaps it is asking for too much. I don't think many people will see the beauty of it. Anyway, I wish there were a documentary for humanities and social sciences too; actually, it would be great to have one for each and every discipline.  I'm pretty sure you would see the same dedication, the same obsession and the same roller coaster experience in each and every one of them.
Being a graduate student is not easy and it is even more challenging to explain the un-obsessed what we do and why we do what we do. Check this out about things you never say to a graduate student, if you're an academic you probably know this, if you're not then reading this is the least you can do you the lucky the un-obsessed :-). This is a must read for anyone who knows a PhD student and I assure you the advice is right on. So anyway it would be great if we could show a video explaining what we do, from the point of view of the obsessed for the un-obsessed. I still don't know how to explain what I do and I admit giving up sometimes and letting people leave the conversation believing that I'm a graduate student in English teaching rather than a PhD student in second language studies. I don't think my parents understand what I do :-(

PS. If you know a similar documentary for humanities or social sciences please let me know.

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