Friday, December 14, 2012

Everyone should have a family linguist :-)

There should be a word for not knowing the pronunciation of a word because your only encounter with the word has been in written form. Hmm, maybe there is a word for it but I don't know. Anyway, today I had a private lesson with my home advisor and linguist, that is, my husband, about the right pronunciation of some words in German, Russian, and French. It was so much fun and needles to say I failed to produce any sound that I tried. It all started when I asked Engin about how to say Bakhtin because I have heard several different versions of it. Engin explained and produced the sounds but I could not even hear the difference. I guess I'm hopeless but Engin said it's normal. We had so much fun trying to say the names of some philosophers. If you want to have some fun too try this website. Ah, Rene Descartes, or rather the pronunciation of it not his ghost obviously, tickles and makes me giggle. Some Friday fun for me. Happy Friday!

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