Thursday, October 4, 2012

On the power of clothing :-)

This New York Times article reports research that shows how wearing a coat that you think belongs to a doctor may improve your attention. I guess in the future there might be a market for the clothes of doctors for attention. As an instructor, I would totally pay for super attention lab coats for my teenager students :-) Imagine the size of the market if you continue this research on other professions and other uses of clothing and how much the ambitious parents would be willing to pay for the success of their kids in examinations. Let's see if I were a doctor I would totally rent my used coat, charge some money from whoever in need of attention and want my coat back dry cleaned too. LOL! Oh no, my business major self took over again. I need an exorcist :-) Joking aside though, I think this line of research is very valuable. Hope you enjoy the article.

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