Saturday, October 6, 2012

Narrative and authenticity

It's funny, you never know where inspiration is waiting for you. Here are four panels on narrative and authenticity. What I like most about the panels is their interdisciplinarity. Even though I had some difficulties with the video and sound quality at some points, I'm grateful to the contributors and organizers because they helped me come up with so many questions to think about and learn more about regarding narratives and authenticity. I think these ideas will add depth and breadth to my positionality statement for my dissertation. Since my dissertation is an autoethnographic study, you can imagine how authentic identity and the complex relationship between I as the narrator (or the researcher) and I as the character (or the participant) are relevant and pressing issues for me. Add to that the tension between projecting a certain professional identity in reporting the research while doing justice to my lived experience as a second language writer.
PS. Also the personal autobiographical narratives in the third video are quite powerful.

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