Tuesday, September 18, 2012

On Google reader

Unfortunately, I do not have enough time to share all the articles I like or write commentaries on them in this blog (or edit my blog posts for that matter). I read faster than I write and blogging is not at the top of my priority list. But I have a google account and I publicly share the articles I like using google plus. You're more than welcome to follow my account if you have similar interests but it would be even better if you use google reader to find articles of interest to you and share your favorites, that is, if you are not doing that already. I like using google reader because then I can share those sources on google plus with just one click (secretly hoping that I will find people with similarly strange interest or they will find me). For some reason my learning does not feel complete until I share what I learn and I like to document the trajectory of my interests. Also, I like the fact that I can read the abstracts of the articles from my favorite journals without searching tens of webpages and databases because they are all on one page when I use google reader. Moreover, google reader collects and stores all my favorite things until I have time to read them. From the blog entries by my favorite bloggers to linguist list announcements, from PhD comics to anime news everything I like patiently wait for me until I have time. Another reason I like google reader is I can explore an enormous number of journals from a variety of disciplines, based on my preferences, google reader can even recommend me more journals or similar sources. The recommendations are pretty good too. (I have a feeling that google knows me better than anyone else in this world, with the exception of my husband :-) Maybe you will find non-academic uses for google reader too as I believe most people do. Anyway, this google reader--google plus combo is so convenient for me that I started being too lazy to share the sources I like in this blog but at least I can share my experience with you. In sum, I highly recommend google reader for academic purposes (I assure you, I'm not getting paid for writing this, but...I might have an ulterior motive).

Dear google :-P,
We have known each other for a long time now. I have a favor to ask you (I'm sure you saw this coming after all the compliments above). If you're listening, can you please please find a way to put my google plused items on this blog, like I used to do with my shared items before google reader? This may sound strange but I want all of me in one place and that place is here, my blog. You see, I'm a hopeless romantic and thus my unity, my wholeness, academic, personal, and virtual alike, is crucial for my sanity. You can consider this as a disability really. Especially in these non-romantic times it is such an anomalous form of being that I think I'm entitled for this much disability benefits. Thanks in advance. 

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