Monday, September 17, 2012

Love language

I found this blog entry, which was abandoned as a draft for some reason. I hope this is not the second time I'm posting this.

Some of my husband's work is related to sign languages (he is a linguist if you do not know already) and I worked and studied in the same building where people interested in sign languages work at Purdue University. I really think exposure and interaction are first steps toward understanding. Let me tell you one of my first encounters with deaf people. I do not remember when it was exactly but it must be when we were in college my husband, then boyfriend, was working for one his professors at Koc University. The project was on Turkish Sign Language. Engin was invited to a picnic for the deaf community and I tagged along. I do not remember if it was for data collection or just for fun. Anyway, we were waiting for the bus to pick us up all and people around me were communicating in sign language. When the bus came we all got in. What amazed me was the fact that two deaf people could communicate even though one of them was at the back of the bus and the other one was sitting closer to the bus driver. They did not interrupt any of the other conversations going on. I thought it was so cool but could not help feeling as if they were shouting at each other just because two non-deaf people would be shouting to each other at that distance. Now after some years of exposure thanks to my husband and where I used to work, dear Heavilon Hall ^_^, I feel like I see a friend whenever I encounter two people signing to each other. I cannot explain the affinity.  
I'm not sure how I feel about the last words in the video but still it's a nice story for a good cause. Hope you like the Love Language video.

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