Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Back home

I was out of town for a week and I'm pretty exhausted, not to mention full of guilt for not working on my dissertation. Oh well, guilt is a good motivator, don't you think? When I came back home today, I had to resist the temptation to kiss my apartment floor :-) So the moral of my trip was there is no place like home.
If only I could travel by magical shoes or could take my home with me as in this short film called One Day. In addition to finding a new appreciation for my apartment and personal space, another find of the trip was a movie I watched on the bus, which was called the Fox and the Child. I found the movie enchanting. It was nothing like anything I have seen before so I don't know how to describe it. All I can say is that it has a beautiful story with anime/fairy tale quality. I loved the moral of the story and was fascinated by the anime/fairy tale like visual representations and flow of the movie. Here is the trailer but it does not do justice to the movie. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the movie.

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