Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Some Nietzsche quotes

From Thus spoke Zarathustra
“Greeting, Great Star! What would your happiness be, were it not for those whom you illuminate!
“Behold! I’m overburdened with my wisdom: like the bee that has gathered too much honey, I need hands outstretched to receive it!
p. 11 I teach to you the Overhuman. The human is something that shall be overcome. What have you done to overcome it?
p. 15 I say to you: one must still have chaos within in order to give birth to a dancing star. I say to you: you still have chaos within you.
p. 16 Who wants to rule anymore? Who wants to obey? Both are too burdensome.
p. 17 They do not understand me: I am not the mouth for these ears
p. 18 I want to teach humans the meaning of their Being: that is the overhuman, the lightning from the dark cloud of the human.
p. 20 A light has dawned for me: companions I need and living ones—not dead companions and corpses that I carry with me wherever I will
p. 21 Companions the creator seeks and not corpses nor herds or believers either. Fellow creators the creator seeks, those are who inscribe new values or new tablets.
p. 24 Three transformations of the spirit have I named for you, how the spirit became a camel, and the camel a lion, and the lion at last a child.
p. 29 Listen rather, my brothers, to the voice of the healthy body: a more honest and purer voice is this
p. 33 There is no redemption for one who suffers from himself so much, unless it be a quick death
p. 34 But there have been other times and another evil and good
p. 35 Of all that is written, I love only that which one writes with one’s own blood. Write with blood, and you will discover that blood is spirit.
p. 39 The noble man wants to create what is new and a new virtue. The good man wants what is old, and that the old be preserved.
p. 47 They punish you for all your virtues. They forgive you from ground up only—for your mistakes.
p. 49 For the solitary the friend is always the third one: the third one is the cork that prevents the conversation of the two from sinking into the depths.
p. 52 Humanity still has no goal
p. 66 Power it is, this new virtue; a ruling thought it is, and around it a clever soul, a golden sun, and around it the serpent of knowledge
p. 68 One repays a teacher poorly if one always remains a student.
p. 74 creating—that is the great redemption for suffering and life’s becoming lighter. But that the creator may be, that itself requires suffering and much transformation
p. 76 Acts of kindness do not make people grateful, but rather vengeful; and of the small favor is not forgotten, it turns into a growing worm
p. 81 That your virtue may be your self and not something foreign, a skin, a covering.
p. 86 Thus; however, I counsel you, my friends: Mistrust all in whom the drive to punish is powerful!
p. 87 Human beings are not equal
p. 99 An this is the second thing: whoever cannot obey himself will be commanded. That is the way of the living. But this is the third thing that I heard that commanding is harder than obeying. And not only because the commander bears the burden of all who obey, and this burden can easily crush him
p. 100 All truths that are kept silent become toxic
p. 121 I walk among human beings as among fragments of the future: that future which I envisage.
p. 169 But this is my taste!—not good, not bad, but my taste, about which I am no longer secretive or ashamed. This—is just my way—where is yours? Thus I answered those who asked of me the way. For the way—does not exist!
Eternal recurrence p. 192
p. 228 but the true lover loves beyond rewarded retribution
p. 265 such a long old fear, refined at last, made spiritual, intellectual—today, it seems to me, it is called science.

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