Monday, August 1, 2011

Reflections on AAAL 2011 Chicago

You might be wondering what I was doing other than attending the presentations. I skype'd with my husband, I spent time with a friend from Purdue with whom I shared a room at the hotel (she was a wonderful roommate), had lunch and dinner with friends and went to Navy Pier. These are the pictures I took around the hotel. As you can tell by looking at the pictures, I am a sucker for water, ocean, sea, lake, river...and I feel pretty miserable when I am away from water. Imagine poor me in Lafayette. Only water I can see is Wabash River, which is not beautiful at all.
Anyway, would you please email me your photos if you have taken any at the conference during the presentations? I promise I'm not going to put them on the blog if you do not want me to. I want the photos just for myself ( Please oh please!
And finally my self portrait photo. I look incredibly tired in this picture but one of my friends said it's so Anna Karenina for the photo and I liked that. There was a train trip involved in my story, but the truth is there is a much less romantic story to the hat. I had not brough warm enough clothes with me to the conference. Stupid me! For the most part I was alright since I was staying in the same hotel where the conference was being held but when I smoked outside or went outside to have lunch or dinner I was freezing, especially my ears. I did not have time to look for a good hat, besides I would probably get lost again if I tried ^_^ so I bought the only one I could find at the Navy Pier. The hat was very cheap and like three sizes big for my head. Nevertheless it kept me warm. So here is me with my funny hat.

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