Saturday, August 27, 2011

On dreams

Now I'm back in the US. As always, I feel like I'm on the other side of the rabbit hole. When I'm here, Turkey feels like a dream world and when I'm in Turkey, the US feels like a parallel world. They cannot seem to coexist, or rather, I'm two different people in each and hence I cannot be two things at the same time without feeling some sort of dissonance. I feel the dissonance most strongly at these times of transition, a week or so after my journey across the Atlantic. Actually, I even suspect that my dissonance caused the recent earthquakes in Turkey and the US ^_^. But I'm digressing, this wasn't what I was going to write about.
I wanted to write about dreams. When I was a teenager, probably influenced by TV shows, I dreamed of two things. The two things that I thought were never going to happen, period. My first childish dream was to live with a roommate. This may not sound like an odd thing. But, in Turkey, most people live with their parents until they get married. Some college students live with roommates but only if they go to college in a different city. In my case, my parents lived in Istanbul and most of the best universities were in Istanbul so I could not even hope to live with a roommate. My parents would probably have a heart attack if I suggested living away from them. This was a dream I thought was never going to come to pass.

My second silly dream was to become a bridesmaid. Considering that 99% of the Turkish people are Muslim and we do not have the custom of bridesmaids, you can imagine the likelihood of me becoming a bridesmaid. Never! Or, so I thought.

Putting aside the silliness of my childish dreams and the fact that I was dreaming about the weirdest and most improbable things (I also dreamed of finding a way to help people use 100% of their brains), today I realized that life has a sense of humor. Here is why. At the age of 30 something, I share an apartment with a roommate and guess what I will be a bridesmaid in May. Go figure, right? I still cannot believe it or stop laughing about it. That's why I think the universe has a sense of humor. I was so busy dreading over being away from my husband that I did not realize that my dreams had come true (My husband is in Turkey and I'm here). So, the moral of the story is that dreams do come true, maybe just not in the exact way, or at the exact time, you want. And it is important to notice when your dreams come true, even the old ones. Of course, I have new dreams now, but, from now on, I am going to keep dreaming no matter how improbable those dreams may seem and keep a record of my dreams so that I can recognize them when they come true because only then I can enjoy the moment and celebrate it fully. I'm really excited about being a bridesmaid and I feel lucky for having such a wonderful roommate. I feel truly grateful.

Have your dreams come true yet? If not, are you sure? Maybe you just didn't recognize them.

PS. Now I'm pretty confident that I will find a way to help people use 100% of their brains. ^_^ Wish me luck!


  1. I'm so excited for you to be one of my bridesmaids! and yes, can you get to work on that brain thing so that i can watch my tv shows and write my dissertation at the same time:)