Sunday, July 31, 2011

a poem

This is a poem I like, however as my translation efforts prove, at least to me, the beauty of the poem is lost in translation. Some notes on the poem, in Turkish "Neyse/ne ise" can mean "what X is/means" or "anyway" similarly "her neyse" which is the title of the poem and appears at the end of the poem might mean "whatever" or "anyway" depending on the context. In this poem I think it means anyway. To give you an idea I give the poem both in English and Turkish, I'm afraid without the Turkish characters. As Turkish is a head final language "ne ise"s come at the end of each verse. And the verses 8 and 9 are connected not verses 7 and 8. Hard to capture the word play and the visual and sound pattern in this poet's work. I just wanted to share and this is the best I can do. Hope you enjoy it. Personally I like the incompleteness of the message in this poem. To me it just creates images but does not explain what those images mean. So the interpretation is up to you. 
Her neyse

1. What ever Istanbul means for Turkey,
Turkiye'de Istanbul ne ise,

2. What ever night in Istanbul means,
Istanbul'da gece ne ise,

3. What ever walking at night means,
Gecede yurumek ne ise,

4. What ever thinking while walking means,
Yururken dusunmek ne ise,

5. What ever thinking, unable to forget you, means,
Seni unutamamacasina dusunmek ne ise,

6. What ever not being able to forget means,
Unutamamanin anlami ne ise,

7. What ever loving you means.
Seni sevmek ne ise.

8. As oscillating between hiding and saying
Saklayayim yok soyleyeyim derken

9. Whatever falling in love means
Birden aska dusmek ne ise

10. Anyway...
Her neyse...

by Ozdemir Asaf
my humble translation from Turkish

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