Thursday, February 10, 2011

Today I'm happy

Today was a very long day. It started at 7:30 and I just emailed the last student paper I had to 'fake grade' to my last student at 1:20 am. I had conferences with my students from 9:30-10:30. I had to grade some papers until my class at 1:30. I had to read an article and get ready for a class debate on "if Wes, the participant of Schmidt's study, was a good language learner or not," participate in the debate (this was my third three-hour evening class this week), I came home around 10:00 pm, and graded some more papers. I'm truly exhausted and I have been feeling cold the whole day because it is freezing out there. I didn't really have a real meal either, just breakfast, snacks, crackers, and chocolate. I have to wake up at 7:30 tomorrow too. Then why do I feel so satisfied?
It's because of a couple of small things really. I received an email from my student saying my lecture on Monday was really helpful, when I was on the bus I saw a former student of mine walking by, I didn't wait for the bus long (I came home twice today), I talked to my husband, I encouraged a friend for her presentation, I went to pick up my little insignificant response paper assignment from one of my professors and read this comment on it among other nice things "You seem to have the sensibility for the CA (conversation analysis) approach," attended the debate on Wes in a second language acquisition class as an invited student (being invited was nice), I realized that I missed SLA since I'm not taking any SLA classes this semester (the experience was like seeing an old friend after a long time to me), read one of my student's paper where she personified her procrastination as a bad friend for her personal narrative (I always tell my students to try something creative but usually only one student actually tries something creative each semester). I'm exhausted and sleep deprived, not to mention hungry, but these small things made me happy today. I'm happy maybe not in an excited kind of way but silently and calmly I am happy. Today, I believe that everything is going to be just fine...
Tell me, what made you happy today?

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