Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Southeast Asian Englishes

Bautista, M. L. S., & Gonzalez, A.B. (2006). Southeast Asian Englishes. In Kachru, B. B., Kachru, Y., & Nelsen, C. L. (Eds.) Handbook of World Englishes (pp. 130-144). Wiley-Blackwell.

This chapter describes the current state of new Englishes in countries of South- east Asia where English is used as a second language, namely, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines (Kachru's Outer Circle) and countries where English is a foreign language, namely, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia (Kachru's Expanding Circle). For the Outer-Circle countries, the description will consist of a sketch of its structure
(phonology, lexicon, syntax, and discourse) and the subvarieties within the language; for the Expanding-Circle countries, a few notes will be given on the present status of English as a subject of instruction. The chapter ends with a summary and some theoretical considerations which may pave the way for further research.

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