Wednesday, February 2, 2011

On Aya Matsuda's presentation

Maybe I have mentioned that Aya Matsuda came to Purdue to give a talk. It must be great to visit your university where you completed you PhD years later as an accomplished scholar. I was lucky enough to meet Aya Matsuda in personal. She was very approachable so I didn't feel nervous after a couple of minutes (I'm a very shy person so it's kind of a big deal for me to talk to someone like Aya Matsuda ^_^).
Anyway, her presentation was on English as an International Language (EIL). She had organized her presentation around some frequently asked questions by language instructors, such as what is EIL, which variety/varieties of English should I teach, wouldn't introducing different varieties confuse students, am I supposed to learn all World Englishes, which cultures to include, should I include the discussion of the politics of English, how should I assess my students, can I still correct my students, etc. It was a very accessible down to earth presentation and overall I found her answers convincing. I thought her answers were well thought and practical for language teachers without being prescriptive. Overall I enjoyed the presentation very much. I think this was the best one we had so far among the ESL Go speaker series presentations. Perhaps I'm being partial here since Aya Matsuda is our graduate :-)

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