Tuesday, February 22, 2011

English in Thailand

Glass, T. (2009). Why Thais Write to Other Thais in English. World Englishes, 28(4), 532-543.

Abstract: This study, incorporating survey and interview data, investigates the English writing habits of graduates of a bachelor's degree program in English at a public university in Thailand. Survey data show that the majority of the former students who responded (N = 104) write in English regularly, and they correspond with people in Inner, Outer, and Expanding Circle countries--but more of them write in English to other Thais than to people of any other nationality. Half of the interviewees (N = 14) said one reason they write to other Thais in English rather than in Thai is that their computers or software programs are not compatible with Thai; other reasons given were that they cannot type in Thai, their writing would be read by both Thais and people who could not read Thai, that they can express themselves more directly in English, and that they simply want to make use of their English ability. The interviewees were divided in their feelings about whether they felt more comfortable writing in English to other Thais or to people who are not Thai. The data support claims about the importance and widespread use of English among users in contexts, both international and intranational, that lie beyond the Inner Circle.

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