Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Call for papers Special issue of the Journal of Writing Research

Writing and Translation process research - Bridging the gap

Guest Editors | Helle Dam-Jensen or Carmen Heine, Aarhus School of Business, Denmark
During the past decades, a lot of research on text-production processes has been carried out in the disciplines of writing and translation. Theoretical reflections about both the internal cognitive processes and the external processes of both disciplines have helped understanding how writers and translators work and think from the moment they receive the task till the final text product is reached.

The research which has been carried out in the two fields shows that there is a notion of commonalities between them. Both in the results reached and in the methods applied.
From an ontogenetical perspective, writing and translation share typical features of process organization, such as knowledge acquisition, planning, composition and validation. When taking a close look at the process phases, one finds identical process elements such as the main stages of the processes. From a sociological perspective, both disciplines draw on similar resources and aids and extrinsic motivational cues are similar in both fields.

From a methodological perspective, a number of research methods, such as key-stroke logging, screen capture, eye tracking, verbalization, observation and retrospection, has been applied in both fields in research settings resulting in data sets for both qualitative and quantitative analysis. In spite of these similarities, it still appears that little work has been done at the intersection between the two fields to make these similarities explicit.

In order to close this gap, we invite contributions from the two disciplines that can help enlightening and bridging the overlap and, thus, bridge the gap between them.

Contributions can present empirical work and results, conceptual/theoretical analysis or methodological issues.
Deadline for papers: 1 September 2011 | Final publication deadline: Spring 2012
Submissions are to be made through the online system for the Journal. Include "Special Issue-Translation" at the front of the paper title.
For more information:
Please contact the guest editors of this special issue: Helle Dam-Jensen or Carmen Heine, Aarhus School of Business, Denmark

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