Thursday, September 9, 2010

Readings (Second Language Writing)

These are some of the readings for the Second Language Writing course I'm taking.
Gibian, G. (1951). College English for foreign students. College English, 13(3), 157-160.
Ives, S. (1953). Help for the foreign student. College composition and Communication, 4(4), 141-144.
Erazmus, E. (1960). Second language composition teaching at the intermediate level. Language Learning 10 (1/2), 25-31.
Pincas, A. (1962). Structural linguistics and systematic composition teaching to students of English as a second language. Language Learning, 12(3), 185-194.
Kaplan, R. (1966). Cultural thought patterns in intercultural education. Language Learning, 16(1), 1-20.
Unfortunately these articles don't have abstracts.

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