Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Istanbul Photos-2

It has been raining a lot since I came to Istanbul. I think rain is much better than hot summer days.

This is the bridge that connects Europe and Asia. The strait divides Istanbul into two. A scene that makes Istanbul Istanbul.

One thing that I found weird since I arrived Istanbul was to see cats on the streets. I guess I got used to seeing squirrels instead. The funny thing is when I go back to Lafayette I think every moving, fluffy creature is a cat at first and when I come to Istanbul I think the cats are squirrels for a moment.

One of the things I like about Istanbul is that it always surprises you. This is a hidden street between two houses with a flower name I cannot seem to remember now. You wouldn't see it unless you knew it was there. You walk around places for years and one day you discover  a hidden beauty like this.

Here is another hidden street and as you can see this cat is my guide.

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