Wednesday, May 5, 2010

International cognition and culture institute

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Is there a language instinct
Nicolas' Blog

02 May 2010
Chomsky's theory has played a pivotal role in the cognitive revolution and is often seen as one of the pillar of cognitive sciences, especially in the cognition and culture field. It is therefore quite exciting to see some cognitive scientists attacking such a venerable theory and proposing a radical alternative. That's exactly what Nicolas Evans and Steven Levinson do in a recent article with comments and reply in Behavioral and Brain Sciences. The debate presents a unique confrontation of widely different opinions ranging from Pinker and Jackendoff ("The reality of a universal language faculty") to Michael Tomasello ("Universal Grammar is dead"), and offers a rare epistemological discussion about what counts as proof or a theory in cognitive sciences. Finally, by questioning the needs of substantial cognitive universals, the article is the occasion to launch a debate about the future of cognitive sciences and its relation to culture. A must read in cognition and culture!

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